quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2015


01-Victor Taylor-You're My Life
02-Fay And Enid - One Night Dinner
03-The Chantells - Eat You Belly Full
04-Gene Rondo - Mary Mary
05-Junior Thompson - Let It Happen Now
06-Eric Morris - Eyere Feeling
07-Treasure Boy - Message To Martha
09-Marcia Aitken - Danger In Your Eyes
10-Jones Hill-why
11-Jimmy London - The Road Is Rough
12-Jenifer Laura - You're My Life
13-Otis And The Serenades - Look And See
14-Norris Cole-tell me why
15-Barrington Spance- Pamela
16-The Melodians - Give Thanks And Praises
17-Stranger Cole & Gladstone Anderson - Love Me This Evening
18-Stranger Cole & Gladstone Anderson - Make Good
19-Danny Ray - Ain't It A Beautiful Morning
20-Milton Hamilton & The Classics - Long Long Road

Por   Wesleybyroots-omagnatadoreggae

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O reggae é uma vibração em sintonia com o coração do regueiro!!!!!.