terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2015


01-Ronnie Davis - I Won`t Cry
02-Bim & Clover-Wife & sweetheart
03-Cool Runnings - Trim & Shave
04-Delroy Wilson - Ain't to proud to beg
05-The Pioneers - Poor Rameses
06-King Vupp - Lie Down Girl
07-Yvonne Curtis - What's Your Name
08-Lloyd Ruddock - Genuine Way
09-Attamas - Brimstone And Fire
10-Errol Holt - Who Have Eyes To See
11-Bertie Brigh-didn´t told you
12-George and Tony-its a heartaches
13-S Williams-peace freedom love
14-Sandra Thomas - Really Love You This Way
15-Rudolph Francis - Motherless Children
16-Cornell Campbell - You Are My Sunshine
17-Ginger Williams - Your Love Driving Me Crazy
18-Prince Heron & Mudies All Stars - Spanish Town Rock
19-Cygnus - Babylon You Got To Set Jah Children Free
20-Mill Henry & Clive Field Marshall - Rock On Come On

Por  wesleybyroots-omagnatadoreggae

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O reggae é uma vibração em sintonia com o coração do regueiro!!!!!.